granule VFFS packaging equipment
control panel of granule VFFS packaging equipment
measuring cup of granule VFFS packaging equipment
sealing structure of granule VFFS packaging equipment
sensor of granule VFFS packaging equipment
date coder of granule VFFS packaging equipment

ZONESUN ZS-FS220 Automatic Measuring Cup Nuts Granule Spices Kitchen Pepper Pouch Plastic Bag Filling Sealing Machine VFFS Packaging Equipment

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A high-speed granule VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) packaging machine is a type of packaging equipment designed specifically for granular products. It can finsih filling, bag forming, bag sealing and cutting process at the same time.VFFS machines are used in various industries for efficiently packaging products such as grains, coffee beans, nuts, snacks, rice, and other similar items.


  • Machine Model:ZS-FS220
  • Voltage:220V/110V 50-60Hz
  • Power:2kW
  • Packaging Speed:About 80-120bags/min(depending on filling materials and bag size)
  • Filling Range:1-30g(Can be customized)
  • Measuring Method:Measuring Cups
  • Sachet Forming Size:20-145mm(L)*20-100mm(W)
  • Sealing Method:Back Side/3 Sides/4 Sides Sealing
  • Machine Size:About 900*700*1550 mm

granule packaging machine

application of granule packaging machine

datasheet of granule packaging machine

control panel of granule packaging machine

Equipped with PLC operation panel, it is convenient to set and adjust working parameters. The language of panel can be customized as your need.

measuring cup of granule packaging machine

Designed with measuring cups, this machine can fill granules quantitatively. The size of measuring cups can be customized according to your production need.

sealing structure of granule packaging machine

The sealing temperature can be adjusted according to packaging films. This machine can be customized into back-side, 3-side or 4-side sealing as needed.

intelligent sensor of granule packaging equipment

With intelligent sensor, it can detect films and control the machine to pull films accurately. The sachet forming length can be set on panel as needed.

date coder of granule packaging machine

This machine can also be equipped with date coder, which can print production date or batch on films. Please contact us if you need it.

automatic granule packaging machine

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