ZS-FXZ101 Automatic High Speed PET Plastic Beverage Bottle Cosmetic Cream Cap Screwing Capper Spindle Capping Machine

automatic capper
vibratory bowl sorter of automatic bottle capper
capping head of automatic bottle capper
guiding structure of automatic bottle capper
cap feeder of automatic bottle capper
disrtibution box of automatic bottle capper

ZS-FXZ101 Automatic High Speed PET Plastic Beverage Bottle Cosmetic Cream Cap Screwing Capper Spindle Capping Machine

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This bottle capping machine is equipped with cap sorting machine, which has lower noise and faster working speed when compared with the vibrating bowl sorting machine.The capping structure is consist of multiple sets of rubber capping wheels, this makes several bottles can be tightened at the same time. It is suitable for packaging screw-on caps in food, beverage, cosmetics and dailyt chemical industries.


Machine model:ZS-FXZ101
Voltage:110/220V 50-60HZ 2KW
Working speed:≤8000 bottles/hour(based on product size)
Bottle diameter:About Φ35-96 mm
Bottle height:About 80-230mm
Bottle caps diameter:About Φ12-50mm
Bottle caps height:About 15-40mm
Air pressure:0.5-0.7MPa
Machine size(L*W*H):2000*1000*2400 mm(Capper)+2420*500*2600mm(Cap feeding elevator)
Machine weight:About 650kg (Capper)

bottle capping machine
application of bottle capping machine
screw bottle capping machine


vibratory bowl sorter of screw capping machine

Unlike the vibrating bowl sorter, the cap sorting unit uses electricity to keep the bottom and the wall of the cap sorting unit l in rotation, arrange the caps in order and transport them to the guide rail. Equipped with electric eyes to identify and remove caps that are not properly aligned, this unit operates with less noise and works more efficiently

capping head of screw capping machine

The capping structure is consist of serval sets of rubber capping wheels, these can tighten several bottles at the same time, it is suitable for screw-on caps and has faster working speed.

bottle guding structure of automatic capper

The bottle guiding conveyor can be adjusted according to bottle diameter.This can prevent oval bottles from falling down during capping process.

cap feeding machine of automatic capper

Equipped with cap feeding elevator, this can ensure bottle caps can be supplied in time.It saves working labor and can improve working capacity greatly.

distribution box of automatic capper

The orderly circuit in a machine can help improve performance, reduce errors, make maintenance and repairs easier, and allow for a more compact design

automatic capper


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