ZONESUN Desktop Automatic Glass Bottle Cap Cork Press Machine Jar Whisky Plastic Bottle Capping Machine With Cap Feeder

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The desktop capping machine is suitable for different sizes of bottle caps,the capping chuck can be customized according to your need, you can customize several pieces of capping chuck for multiple sizes of bottles.This one is with the cap feeder which can make it possible to feed caps can work automatically and help you save labor and time,help you improve working efficiency.


This machine is widely used in food,daily chemical,wine,and pharmaceutical industries.It is an ideal choice for small scale production.


Machine Model:ZS-XG1870D1
Working voltage:AC220V/110V 50-60HZ
Bottle height:60-270mm
Bottle caps diameter:customize(≤130mm)
Working speed:20-40 bottles/minute(depending on bottle and caps)
Working pressure:0.4-0.6 MPa
Size of Air Compressor Connector:OD 8mm
Package size:1130*600*1120mm
Package weight:About 83.5kg
Conveyor length:115mm(W)*1020mm(L)

The working height of the machine is adjustable,it is suitable for 60-270mm height bottles,this help to widen the application.

Simple control panel,the working speed and working data can be adjusted easily,help you control the machine faster and easier.

The capping chuck will start to work automatically once it detect the bottle,it should be customized according to bottle cap size.This is suitable for cap pressing,it can help you save labor.

With cap feeder,it can arrange bottle caps and make the production be in order.The cap feeder will be customized according to your material,this ensures it can work with your caps well.

This machine is equipped with electric eyes to detect bottles and achieve automatic working mode,this can prevent from missing bottles and reduce working error.

High quality conveyor,the working speed can be controlled according to operation panel.It can help to transfer and separate bottle,improve working efficiency

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