ZONESUN ZS-FAL180A6 Automatic Essential Oil Perfume Filling Capping Machine With Cap Bowl Sorter

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This automatic production line can fill liquid ,feed bottle caps , and cap bottles automatically.It can help you improve working efficiency.This is suitable for essential oil,water,juice etc.The peristaltic pump filling machine can fill liquid without passing through pump,ensure the production quality.We can customize machines and make them can work for different sizes of containers at the same time.

With emergency stop button,can protect the machine from damaged and keep the operator safe during working.The flling output can be controlled as your need

With anti- dripping function,can control each nozzle separately.We also have the 2/6/8 nozzles flling machine,please send us message if you need it.

With bottle cap feeder which can feed lids before capping bottle.This one needs to be customized according to cap size.The vibration amplitude can be adjusted easily according to production need.

Equipped with a cap feeder,it will automatically feed bottle caps and tighten caps accurately.Improve production quality.

Suitable for different kinds of bottle caps.The capping time,pressing time can be adjusted by operation panel.

The suitable transfer speed is set previously,but customer can adjust it if they need to do this.

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