ZONESUN ZS-FAL180C Automatic Desktop Oil Whisky Bottle Liquid Jar Filling Capping And Labeling Machine

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This full automatic production line can do automatic liquid filling, cap feeding, automatic cap pressing procedure, and these machine can be applied to round and oval round bottle or container that usually be used on daily cleaning supplies such as wine,juice,milk etc.

Use large air cylinder to control diving nozzles,can control filling nozzle to lift up and down,suitable for foamy liquid .We can customize the machine with different numbers of filling nozzles.

Magnetic pump filling machine can fill liquid accurately and fast,which can help you improve working efficiency.It is also corrosion-resistant,this makes it can work for a long time.Each pump can work separately.

With cap feeder,it can arrange bottle caps and make the production be in order.The cap feeder will be customized according to your material,this ensures it can work with your caps well.

The capping chuck will start to work automatically once it detect the bottle,it should be customized according to bottle cap size.This is suitable for cap pressing,it can help you save labor.

These three labeling wheels make bottles rotating and then finish labeling.ensure that there is no bubbles under labels and improve the labeling effect.This machine is also not only suitable for single side but also the double side labeling.

The electric eye can detect bottles once they pass by.The regulator is designed to adjust the sensitivity of the electric eyes, prevent from missing bottles.

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