ZONESUN Automatic Cosmetic Lotion Jam Honey Cream Paste Bottle Filling Production Line

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This desktop automatic production line is consist of filling machine, capping machine and round bottle labeling machine.It has a high degree of automation, good stability, and convenient adjustment .The small machine body makes it saves working space. This automatic filling line helps you save production line and it is suitable for food, daily chemical, agriculture and cosmetics industries.

Equipped with the pneumatic filling nozzle, which has larger power when fill thicker liquid, they can improve filling speed. There is a anti-dripping device, it can ensure the production cleanliness. The bottle clamping plate will fixed bottles ,this prevent that bottles fall down during filling.

The filling speed of four nozzles can be adjusted by the A screw, while the B screw can be used to adjust the interval time. Four larger screws are used to adjust filling range slightly when the filling range of four nozzles are different.

Designed for various shapes of bottle caps, like smoke oil bottles, spray bottles, beverage bottle caps. It will press the bottle caps and tight it automatically. Improve working efficiency greatly.

This machine is with electric eyes, can prevent from missing bottles, reduce the working error, the sensitivity of the electric eye can be adjusted by the black machine part during working.

These three labeling wheels make bottles rotating and then finish labeling, ensure that there is no bubbles under labels .Ensure the labeling effect. This is suitable for double side labeling.

The feeding inlet can be adjusted according to bottle diameter. This machine is suitable forφ≤100mm bottles. The working speed of
the conveyor can be adjusted as operators' need. This help to improve working efficiency.

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