small sachet filling sealing machine for granule
control panel of small sachet filling sealing machine
measuring cup of small sachet filling sealing machine
sealing structure of small sachet filling sealing machine
film winding struture of small sachet filling sealing machine
small sachet packaging machine

ZS-FS280 Automatic Coffee Bean Rice Crisps Single-Serve Salt Spice Raisins Flower Seeds Granule Sachet Filling Sealing Machine VFFS Packing Machine

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This pouch filling sealing machine is used for packaging granule into plastic bags and seal them in different ways includes three sides sealing, back sides sealing and triangle pouch sealing.Switch between different sealing methods with one key, this is more convenient and cost-efficient.It is suitable for packaging food like chocolate, candy.


Machine power:AC220V/ 50Hz /1.4kw
Bag type:triangle bag sealing /three-side sealing/back side sealing
Packing speed:30-70 bags/min
Filling weight:1-100g
Suitable film type:PP, PE, PS, EVA, PET, PVDC+PVC, OPP+ composite CPP etc
Filling method:measuring cup
Bag size:30-170mm (L)*30-140mm(W)
Sealing method:heat sealing
Air pressure:0.8Mpa
Package size:About 810*630*1550mm
Package weight:About 300kg

nut sachet packaging machine

application of sachet packaging machine

granule sachet filling sealing machine

control panel of granule VFFS packing machine

Equipped with touch screen control panel, more working parameter can be controlled by this easily.Visual working data can show working status directly, this is more convenient when adjusting the machine

measuring cup of granule VFFS packing machine

Control filling volume by measuring cups, these can be customized according to production need.This kind of measurement method is more accurate for granules.The electric eye will detects measuring cups and control the machine to fill granule automatically.

sealing structure of granule VFFS packing machine

The sealing structure is made of high quality material, different kinds of sealing method can be switched by one key, it meets multiple sealing requirement and this is more convenient and save time to adjust the machine

film winding structure of granule VFFS packing machine

This machine is suitable for multiple kinds of heat sealable packaging film, the film winding structure can ensure film will be supplied in time. It is also with sensor which can ensure the pattern on the film can be packed correctly.

granule sachet packaging machine


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