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electric eye of high speed labeler
conveyor of high speed labeler
control panel of high speed labeler
labeling structure of high speed labeler
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ZONESUN ZS-TB700 Automatic Chili Sauce Peanut Butter Cosmetic Cream Chocolate Jam Round Bottle High Speed Labeler Starwheel Labeling Machine

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Video For High Speed Labeler

This labeling machine is mainly designed for small round bottles, its labeling structure is consist of multiple rollers, this kind of labeling method can greatly improve working capacity and labeling accuracy.It is widely used in food, daily chemical, and cosmetics industries.


  • Model:ZS-TB700 Labeling Machine
  • Power supply:AC220V 50H-60HZ 2000W
  • Labeling capacity(bottles/min):60-100 bottles/min(depends on bottle size)
  • Labeling accuracy(mm):±1.0mm
  • Suitable Bottle Diameter:Φ30-100mm H 30-120mm
  • Label size(mm):(L)20-300mm (H)15-130mm(Can be customized)
  • Roll inside diameter(mm):Φ76mm
  • Roll outside diameter(mm):Φ350mm
  • Conveyor Size:112*2000mm(W) (Can be customized)
  • Machine size:About 2100*1230*1380mm(L*W*H)
  • Machine weight:About 200kg
  • Package size:About 2060*1070*1550mm(L*W*H)
  • Package weight:About 304kg
round bottle labeling machine
aapplication of automatic labeling machine
datasheet of round bottle labeling machine
label size of bottle labeling machine

Control panel of round bottle labeling machine

The touch screen control panel integrates the control of the whole machine, making the adjustment of machine working data more convenient and intuitive. In addition, the operating language of the control panel can be programmed according to the actual operating needs

labeling structure of round bottle labeling machine

The star wheel is used to replace the bottle baffle to realize the bottle dividing function,   this can improves working capacity and labeling accuracy.

Electric eye of round bottle labeling machine

The sensor can detect passing by bottles and send signal to control system, the machine will start the labeling work.With this component, the labeler can realize automated work and reduce labeling error.

conveyor of round bottle labeling machine

The chain conveyor is with larger weight capacity, it ensure products can be conveyed smoothly. The width of conveyor belt can be customized as production need.

Label sensor of round bottle labeling machine

The label sensor is used to detect labels so the machine can be controlled to output label stickers or not. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to label stickers material.It improves working accuracy.

automatic bottle labeling machine



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