granule packaging machine
bag formaing structure of granule VFFS packaging machine
sealing structure of granule VFFS packaging machine
counting disc of granule VFFS packaging machine
granule VFFS packaging machine-2
granule VFFS packaging machine-3

ZONESUN ZS-SLFK80 Automatic Back Side Small Granule Counting Sachets Filling Sealing Machine Plastic Bags VFFS Packaging Equipment

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  • One Year Warranty
  • User Manual
  • One-to-one Video Chat Support
  • Install & Debug Video
  • Custom Package Solution
  • Local Service Location (Romania /Serbia /Kazakhstan/Mexico/Indonesia)

This filling sealing machine is suitable for automated packaging of round and spherical materials in food, chemical, cosmetics and other products, such as candy, chocolate beans, coffee beans etc.


  • Machine model:ZS-SLFK80
  • Machine power:1.1KW
  • Power supply voltage:220V50HZ-60HZ
  • Measuring range:8pieces/bags (customized)
  • Granule size:3.2-3.8mm thickness
  • 5mm diameter
  • (Need sample for custom)
  • Measuring method:Counting
  • Unloading method:Through the counting disc
  • Packing speed:30-50 bags/min
  • Bag size: 40-190(L)*40-100(W) (Customized)
  • Sealing form:three-side sealing, back sealing (customized)
  • Packing material:paper/polyethylene, aluminum foil/polyethylene, nylon/tea filter paper, etc.
  • Film thickness:0.04-0.08mm
  • Film width range:220mm
  • Machine size:About 620*780*1800mm
  • Machine weight:About 200KG
granule packaging machine
application of granule packaging machine
datasheet of granule packaging machine
control panel of granule packaging machine

Control Panel

Integrated with the temperature controller, parameter setting more conveniently.

bag forming structure of granule packaging machine

Sealing Structure

Back side&three sides sealing can be customized, has the function of color mark positioning.

coundting disc of granule packaging machine

Counting Disc

Customized based on granule size and measuring range, we need detailed sample information

sealing structure of granule packaging machine

Custom Sealing Structure

Sealing pattern can be customized based on production need

Granule VFFS packaging machine

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