6 Heads Filling Machine With Bracket
6 Heads Filling Machine With Bracket
6 Heads Filling Machine With Bracket
6 Heads Filling Machine With Bracket
6 Heads Filling Machine With Bracket
6 Heads Filling Machine With Bracket

ZS-DTMP6M 6 Heads Automatic Solvent Watercolor Liquid Filling Machine For Perfume Pigment Filler

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This machine is equipped with 316 stainless steel magnetic pump,the bracket makes it can work with vertical automatic capping and labeling machine.There are 6 filling nozzles and each one of them can be controlled separately.The larger flow rate ensures the working speed and help you improve working efficiency.The magnetic pump filling machine has the advantage of high filling accuracy,this machine is widely used in beverage,drinks,cosmetics and daily chemical industries.

Machine model:ZS-DTMP6M
Power supply:110/220V 50-60HZ 300W
Maximum flow velocity:7500ml/min (Each nozzle and base on 250ml water)
Working speed:40-50 bottles/min (base on 250ml water)
Air pressure:0.3-0.4MPa
Filling accuracy:≤±1% (For water)
Diameter of filling nozzle:6/8mm
Delay range:0.01-999.9s
Count range:1-99999 Times
Filling volume:3-1000ml
Size of air compressor connector:OD8mm
Package size:About 860*720*1330mm
Package weight:About 118kg

The filling nozzle goes down and gets close to the bottle,this can prevent from spraying out the liquid,improves filling accuracy and production quality.This kind of filling nozzle is also an ideal choice for foamy liquid.

Equipped with 316 stainless steel magnetic pump,this kind of filling pump is suitable for filling mildly corrosive liquid.Each pump controls each nozzle,they can be controlled separately.

The high quality electric eyes is used to detect bottle and send the signal to system to control the machine to stop or work,ensures the filling accuracy.

The higher bracket makes the machine can work with vertical capping machine and labeling machine.We can customize the removable bracket,makes the machine can work with desktop machines and vertical machines.If you need this,please contact us.

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