40L Diaphragm Pump Liquid Filling Machine
40L Diaphragm Pump Liquid Filling Machine Conveyor
40L Diaphragm Pump Liquid Filling Machine Electric Eye
40L Diaphragm Pump Liquid Filling Machine

ZONESUN 40L Diaphragm Pump Liquid Gel Perfume Filling Machine

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Equipped with diaphragm pump,this liquid filling machine can work automatically,it can fill about 30-45 bottles/min.Each filling nozzle of this machine can be controlled separately,additionally the 40L/min large flow rate makes it suitable for fill thicker liquid like gel,hand sanitizer,laundry detergent,shampoo etc.

Machine model:ZS-VTDP40
Power supply:220V-50HZ/110V-60HZ
The whole machine power:1500W
Max flow rate:40L/min
Material of pump:Diaphragm Pump
Filling accuracy:≤100ml deviation≤±1ml
> 100ml deviation≤±1% ( based on water)
Filling speed:30-45bottles/min(depending on bottles and filling liquid)
Packing weight:About 150kg
Packing size:About1920*1110*1800mm
Size of air compressor connector:OD8mm
Intelligent operation panel and is with English version,can control flling time and other working data.
With emergency stop button,can protect the machine from damaged and keep the operator safe during working.The flling output can be controlled as your need.
Larger filling nozzles and longer bracket,make this machine suitable for thicker liquid like gel,engine oil,shampoo.The lifting nozzle is controlled by the air cylinder,each one of them can be controlled separately.
The suitable transfer speed is set previously ,but customer can adjust it if they need to do this.What you need to do is just placing bottle on conveyor.
Bottle separating plate, can separate bottles accurately ,can prevent from leaking and wasting bottles, before using the machine,please adjust the position of separating plates to make sure the sensor can work well.
Designed for detecting bottles when they pass through,the sensitivity can be adjusted according to container,ensure the fling accuracy.

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