shampoo filling line
feeding pump of shampoo filling line
filling nozzle of shampoo filling line
material cylinder of shampoo filling line
bottle guiding structure of shampoo filling line
labeling structure of shampoo filling line
automatic shampoo packaging solution

ZS-PPCL2 Automatic 4 Heads Laundry Detergent Shampoo Cosmetic Cream Thick Liquid Paste Filling Capping Labeling Machine

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This is a packaging system composed of servo filling machine, servo capping machine and round bottle labeling machine, which is used to complete the paste filling process, bottle capping process and labeling process.It is suitable for food, daily chemical and cosmetics industries.

piston pump paste filling line

application of piston pump paste filling line

parameter of piston pump filler

parameter of bottle capper

parameter of labeling machine

label roll size of round bottle labeler


feeding pump

Equipped with feeding pump, this is used for supplying filling material in time,saves working labor to frequently pour filling material into filling machine.

filling nozzle of piston pump filler

The diving nozzles make filling material be filled from bottle bottom to the top, this is suitable for foamy liquid, can improves production quality and prevent filling material spraying out.

material tank of piston pump filler

Equipped with piston pump, different filling range can be chosen according to production need.The rotary valve of piston pump can be customized for filling material with soft granule like jam, juice

capping structure of bottle capper

The capping structure is consist of 4 rubber wheels, this kind of capping method is suitable for various kinds of caps includes spray bottle caps, pump head bottle caps, dropper bottle caps etc.It widens application range and improves working efficiency.

bottle guiding structure of bottle capper

The bottle guiding structure can help to transport bottles.There are some kinds of bottles is easier to fall down during transporting like the falt bottles, this structure can ensure bottles can be transported smoothly, reduce production error.

labeling structure of round bottle labeler

High quality labeling component,the height of labeling rolls can be adjusted according to labeling position,this can improve labeling accuracy,makes sure there is no bubble under label stickers.

electric eye of piston pump filler line

The electric eye can detect bottles according to light transmittance,and the sensitivity can be adjusted if you need to label stickers on bottles which are in different kinds of colors.This ensures labeling quality

conveyor of piston pump filler

High quality conveyor belt can help to transport bottle faster and more smooth,improve working speed and reduce production error.

4 heads piston pump paste filling line

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