ZONESUN Pneumatic Perfume Oral Liquid Penicillin Injectable Bottle Capper Aluminum Plastic Glass Vial Crimper Capping Machine

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1. Sealing diameter is 13/15/18/20mm, the capping head can be customized, strength, wear-resistance, have long service life.

2. Pedal Switch, 800-1000 bottles per hour,easy to operate and high efficiency.

3. Use the double lever rotating handle to adjust the height to suit the bottles of different heights. It's faster to change bottles.

4. This machine uses pneumatic device as power source, the failure rate is lower than the traditional electric Capping machine.

5. It's widely used for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical products, such as perfume bottles and Vials.


If you want to customize the capping head, please contact us.

Warranty:One year, except for wearing parts.


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