ZONESUN ZS-PP532W 2 Heads Peristaltic Pump Semi Automatic Bottle Filler Ink Essential Oil Perfume Weighing Filling Machine

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This machine control the micro computer to fill liquid and once the filling volume reach the set amount,the machine will stop to fill liquid.It is designed with the peristaltic pump,the liquid will not pass through the pump during filling,ensure the cleanliness.The weighing function can make it fills liquid more accurately.This machine is suitable for ink,water,essential oil,perfume etc.

Machine Model:ZS-PP532W
Machine Power:220V/110V 100W*2
Pump:Peristaltic Pump
Max Flow Rate:6L/min *2
Filling Range:30ml-6L *2
Weighing Range:30g-10kg
Filling Error:±1g
Hose Diameter:6.4mm( ID ) /9.4mm( OD )
Hose Length:2m( inlet ) /1m( outlet )
Filling Nozzle Diameter:6mm /8mm
Liquid Temperature:<150℃
Max Suction Distance:4m
Max Head of Delivery:4m
Suitable Liquid:ink,water,essential oil,perfume etc
Machine Size:About 400*275*220mm
Machine Weight:About 14kg
Package Size:560*400*280mm(machine)+300*290*160mm(electronic scale)
Package Weight:About 15kg

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