Sauce Filling Capping Machine Production Line

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Sauce Filling Packaging Process

Sauces are liquid or semi-liquid food preparations that are used to add flavor, moisture, and texture to other foods. Common sauce includes vinaigrettes,soy sauce,tomato sauce,béchamel sauce,teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce,ketchup,chocolate sauce.They are usually packed in glass jar with metal twist off caps, some of them may be packed in plastic bottles with sharp pointed caps, you may also found that they are packed in sachets due to their convenience, portion control, and on-the-go usability.Their viscosity can vary greatly depending on ingredients and intended use.typically ranging from around 100 cP to 50,000 cP.

Challenge In Filling Sauce

Uneven filling & dripping

Sauce viscosity may change with time or temperature fluctuations. This inconsistency can affect the accuracy and uniformity of filling. To solve this problem, we usually equip the storage hopper of the filling machine with an mixer or a pre-processing machine with mixing function (like mixing tank) to pretreat sauce before filling.The heater is also optional.These can ensures sauce will be filled evenly and accurately.Additionally, Viscous materials often exhibit high surface tension, and high viscosity can cause the sauce to cling to the walls of the filling nozzle or create a stringy flow.As the filling nozzle is withdrawn from the container, sauce will cling to the nozzle's outer surface, leading to dripping.For solving this problems, we will customized the anti-dripping filling nozzles, this can prevent sauce dripping efficiently

Hard to clean

sauce can leave stubborn residue on the filling machine, making cleaning a demanding task. The thick consistency and spice content of the sauce may require thorough disassembly, specialized cleaning agents, and extensive cleaning procedures to ensure proper hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.At the same time, we designed a piston pump filling machine that is easier to clean.Click below video to know more details.(This function is only for this customized filling machine. If you need it, please let us know before placing an order.)


Machine material

Equipment for sauce production is usually required to withstand high temperatures, and the material of the machine needs to be customized into food-grade stainless steel to ensure safety during the production process. ZONESUN can provide packaging machinery that meets production requirements according to customer needs.

Fruit grain blockage

Some sauce contain small particles. These particles can cause blockages or clogging in the filling machine.To solve this problem, we need to customize the filling pump, filling nozzles as well as filling hose. Take an example, for the piston pump, we will customized the rotary valve for larger pepper granule

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