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Comestic Cream Filling Packaging Process

cosmetic cream packaging process

Cosmetic creams are skincare products that are used for various purposes such as moisturizing, nourishing, or protecting the skin. They typically consist of a combination of water, oils, emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, and active ingredients such as vitamins or botanical extracts.They are mostly packed by bottle or jars, but some of them will be packed by squeezable tube.The viscosity of cosmetic creams can vary widely depending on their intended use and formulation. Viscosity refers to the resistance of a fluid to flow, and it is usually measured in units such as centipoise (cP) or Pascal-seconds (Pa·s). viscosity of cosmetic cream typically ranges from 100 cP to 10,000 cP.

Challenge In Packaging Cosmetic Cream

Generate air bubbles

During the manufacturing process, cosmetic creams are often mixed or agitated to ensure uniformity of ingredients. This mixing action can introduce air into the cream, which may not be fully removed before packaging.For solving this probelms, we will recommend to use the vacuum mixing tank for the pretreatment of cosmetic cream. If you are filling materials with  little fluidity, then the filling speed should be a little lower. This can prevent from creating turbulence that entrains air into the product.Additionally, before production you need to ensure filling hose is filled with face cream, this also will be helpful.

Low filling accuracy

Most of face cream filling machine fill thciker creams and lotion by compressing air.If the compressed air is unstable, filling accuracy will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to apply stable compressed air to to improve filling accuracy.Pressurized Hopper can also be helpful to make filling work more smoothly.

Tube Filling Sealing Machine for Cosmetic Cream

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Monoblock filling capping

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