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Essential Oil Filling Packaging Process

packaging process of essential oil

Essential oils are concentrated liquids derived from plants through various extraction methods, such as steam distillation or cold pressing. They contain the aromatic compounds and natural essences that give plants their distinct fragrances and flavors.Exposure to light can cause the oils to degrade, lose their aroma, and undergo chemical changes that can alter their therapeutic properties. So Essential oil will normally packed in dark or amber bottles with dropper caps or with inside stoppers to help block out light and protect the oils from photodegradation. In general, essential oils tend to have low to moderate viscosities compared to other liquid substances.

Challenge In Packaging Essential Oil

Various Bottle Size & Shape

The ability to handle a variety of bottle sizes and shapes is crucial when choosing a essential oil filling machines, allowing essential oil manufacturers to adapt to changing market demands, introduce new product lines, cater to different consumer preferences, and optimize packaging costs.For the inline filling machine, they are suitable for a variety of bottle sizes and shapes. But for the rotary filling machine, it is need to customized starwheel for different bottle sizes and shapes.

Hard to Clean

Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent products. Any residue or cross-contamination from previous fillings can compromise the purity and quality of the oils, leading to off-flavors, aromas, or even potential health concerns for consumers.For solving this problem, ZONESUN offers peristaltic pump filling machine, which has a unique pumping mechanism where the product is contained within the tubing and never comes into contact with the pump components. This design prevents cross-contamination between different products and ensures product purity and integrity.

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essential oil filling line

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essential oil filling line

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