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Detergent Filling Packaging Process

Liquid detergent is a cleaning agent that is formulated in liquid form for use in washing machines or for handwashing dishes, clothing, or other surfaces. It typically contains surfactants, which are compounds that help to remove dirt, grease, and stains, as well as other ingredients such as enzymes, fragrances, and stabilizers.Liquid detergents include laundry, dishwashing, multi-purpose cleaners, surface cleaners, carpet cleaners, and fabric softeners.They are usually packed in plastic bottles with pump head.

Challenge In Packaging Detergent

Filling of Foamy Liquid

Liquid detergents tend to foam easily during the filling process due to their surfactant composition. Excessive foaming can lead to spillage, inaccurate fill levels, and contamination of the production line.ZONESUN offers filling machine with diving nozzle, which can provide a bottom-up filling to cut down on the foam

Detergent dripping during filling

Detergents with high surface tension may cling to the filling nozzle, leading to dripping when the nozzle is withdrawn. To prevent detergent dripping when filling containers, adjust filling speed and nozzle size to match viscosity. Consider anti-drip filling nozzles is also a good choice.

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