ZONESUN Double Heads Water Juice Bottle Microcomputer Automatic Liquid Filling Machine 3.5L

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Power supply: 220V50Hz or 110 v 60Hz (Optional, the price here is for 220V, if you need 110V, please feel free to contact me for a best price.)
Maximum filling range: 5 ml to 3500 ml
Biggest suction Distance: 2 m
Maximum flow speed: 3.2 L/min
Repetitive error: < 0.5%
Discharging drip tight function: YES
Power off memory function: YES


Advanced single-chip microcomputer control, stainless steel housing, meet GMP requirements. LCD liquid crystal display, touching panel operation more convenient and simple.Discharging mouth drip tight design, high filling precision, measurement is accurate.Automatic counting function, effective control of filling quantity.

One year, except for wearing parts


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