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Protein Powder Filling Packaging Process

working process of protein powder

Protein powder is a powdered supplement derived from various sources such as whey, casein, soy, pea, rice or a blend of these sources. It's designed to supplement dietary protein intake, particularly for individuals who may struggle to consume enough protein through whole foods alone, such as athletes, bodybuilders, or those following specific dietary plans.Protein powder is typically packed in a variety of containers, including plastic tubs, resealable bags, or single-serving packets for convenience. These containers help preserve freshness and allow for easy storage and transport and they are commonly used in building muscle, weight management, dietary restrictions etc.

Challenge In Packaging Protein Powder

Filling of Multiple Sizes of Pouches/Bottles

For closely matching consumers' individual needs and consumption habits, the protein powder manufacturers will offer different volume of protein powder, that means they may be need to pack powder in different sizes of pouches or bottles.Some necessary machine components may need to be customized and replaced in use to meet this production demand. For example, filling nozzle, or bag forming components.

Accurate Powder Dosing

Accurate filling ensures that each serving contains the amount of protein stated on the label, allowing users to properly track their protein intake.Inconsistent filling can lead to under- or over-dosing, which undermines the product's reliability and efficacy.Most powder products are filled by auger filling machine. The auger filling machine fills material according to controlling predetermined number of revolutions,the outside cylinder is designed into a good shape and size which can work with the auger and prevent from leaking out powder. Screw auger size can be customized according to filling volume, this will Improve filling accuracy.

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