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Perfume Filling Packaging Process

perfume packaging process

Perfume is a fragrant liquid mixture that is applied to the skin, hair, or clothes to provide a pleasant scent. They are usually packed in glass bottles with spray caps.For allowing people to conveniently apply fragrance while on-the-go, without having to bring a large bottle, they may also be packed in pocket spray bottles. The viscosity of perfumes can vary depending on the specific formulation, but in general, perfumes have a relatively low viscosity compared to other liquid and they usually content the alcohol.

Challenge In Packaging Perfume

Filling of Flammable Liquid

The perfume used in reed diffusers can be flammable, especially if they contain a high concentration of alcohol.If you are worried about this, ZONESUN will recommend you choose the filling machines that are explicitly labeled as explosion-proof. This kind of machine is designed to prevent sparks or other ignition sources from coming into contact with flammable vapors or liquids

Filling of Various Scents

Manufacturers may need to ensures that each product retains its intended scent profile without any unwanted mixing of fragrances.For solving this problems, we will recommend to choose the peristaltic pump filling machine, which can change tubing easily between different batches or scents and help prevent cross-contamination, ensuring that each product retains its intended fragrance profile

Capping of various spray caps

Generally perfume bottle opening mouth has serval sizes which includes 15mm, 18mm, 20mm,22mm etc. Changing capping chuck can make the capping machine work for different sizes of spray caps. As we all know, there are two many kinds of spray caps, like pressing type caps, crimping type caps. Our perfume capping machine is suitable for these two kinds of caps, it can widen the application range.

Filling of bottles that cannot stand upright

Perfume may be filled in different shapes of bottles, some of them can not stand upright during filling work. For solving this, we can customized the machine with fixing molds, this can ensure bottles can be conveyed smoothly and filling or capping work can be processed precisely. You can send me message to know more details of this packaging solution.

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