Paste filling machine is the packaging equipment designed specifically to fill containers with viscous products such as honey, hot sauce, syrup,cosmetic cream, gels, and other semi-solid substances. These machines are commonly used in various industries, including food, cosmetics, and chemicals. The primary function of a paste filling machine is to ensure precise and efficient filling of containers, such as bottles, tubes, jars, or pouches, with the desired quantity of paste-like product.

Feature of Paste Filling Machine

Made of Food Grade Material

Meet sanitary standards, crucial for food and pharmaceutical applications.Good for jam, hot saue, honey, cough syrup etc

With Custom Hopper

A reservoir that holds the paste product before dispensing filling material. Heating and stirring mechanism can be customized for keeping the paste uniformly mixed.

Anti-dripping Filling Nozzle

It can be customized to handle different viscosities and to prevent dripping or splashing.

Pump System

This is usually divided into piston pumps, gear pumps, and rotor lobe pumps, each suited to different types of pastes.

    54 itens
    Semi-automatic Servo Motor Filling Machine
    Semi-automatic Servo Motor Filling Machine
    Zs-GTSM1 servo pistão de pistão
    $2,699.00 USD

    What We Can Offer

    One-year Warranty

    Free replacement of parts within the warranty period, except for easily damaged parts. Out of the warranty period, you can still contact us for any questions about the machine (machine maintenance, parts purchase)

    After-sales Service

    Offer user manual, install &debugging video, one-to-one video chat, oversea after-sales service( in some area)

    Oversea Warehouse

    Some machines can be shipped from overseas warehouses to reduce delivery time and cost.

    Custom Packaging Solution

    Offer one-stop packaging solution through detailed packaging production need.

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