ZONESUN SD330 Manual PET/PP Hand Strapping Tools ( Strapping Tensioner) for 13-19mm PP/PET Strap Band

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Hand operated manual ratchet type strapping tensioner, designed to tighten 12m to 19mm PET and Polywoven/ Cord strapping around cartons, pallets, crates etc. Used with 12mm to 19mm metal clip. Recommended for heavy duty applications.



Polyester belt has been widely used in steel, paper, wood, tobacco, brick, building materials, chemical fibers, cotton, metal products and many other fields.

The advantages of polyester watchband over other products are as follows:
1. crack resistance:
Small incisions or incisions do not propagate over the surface bandwidth.

2. High tension:
Our polyesters have higher retention tension and impact reserve.

3. Environmental protection and green:
Our polyesters are easy to recycle and are hardly affected by weather conditions.

4. Safety:
PET has no sharp edges, which reduces the risk of personal injury during handling. The weight of PET drum is 1/2 of that of steel (reducing the risk of manual operation).

5. Weather tolerance:
PET will not rust - corrosion dyeing of unbonded products! It is hardly affected by weather conditions and naturally resists ultraviolet radiation.

6. Recyclable:
PET can be recycled! 





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