ZONESUN Handle pneumatic Iron Sheet Sieve Cut-off Cutter

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Use and maintenance
1.allow the working pressure of 0.3 ---- 0.6MP
2.compressed air to dry and clean, and contains a certain amount of oil.
3.can only cut non-ferrous metal cord, and can not empty cut,
so as not to damage the notches.
4.if you want to replace the scissors components,
axial screw can be unscrewed, re-installed to see the components.
It is widely used in assembly line of electronic, instrument, instrument and other industries.
It can significantly improve the performance of the pneumatic tools, such as small size, light weight,
easy operation and reliable performance. Productivity, reduce labor intensity.
Pneumatic scissors Applications: Cutting products can be used in modern plastic factory, rubber factory,
electronics factory, computer manufacturing assembly plant, telecommunications phone factory, lighting factory,
camera factory, home appliances, plastic injection molding factory, car carpet Artificial leather,
coconut synthetic materials bamboo curtain, curtain, iron net, plastic net, canvas, etc. are required to use.
Shear type: suitable for use in all kinds of copper, iron, plastic, leather, straw mat,
refrigerant tube, electric tube, glass fiber and other places. Such as: injection molding foot, parts angle,
IC / copper feet, transformer / copper wire, communications / capacitors,
motherboards, refrigerant tubes, chips and so on.


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