ZONESUN FK-300 Small Diameter Aluminium Foil Film Sealing Machine For Medicine Sharp Pointed Bottle Plastic Dropper Bottle

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Model: FK-300
Input power: larger than 1200W
Output power:smaller than 600W
Dimensions: 260*345*165mm
Sealing diameter: 15~50mm
Applicable bottle height: no limit
Degree of automation: manual
Suitable liquid: milk tea, juice drink, carbonated drink, oil, hair care products, skin care products, cosmetics, cleaning, washing products, yogurt, sauce, toothpaste
Application: food, daily chemicals, medicine, tobacco and alcohol, chemical industry

1.With power-off memory function: all test data can't be lost when power cut. It can start working after power-on and no need to set parameter and estate

2.With better design:more firmer and it is not easy to be broken 
3.With anti-interference function:the machine will not seal continuously even if you press the sealing button for a long time,it will only seals one time.This ensure the operator's safety.
4.With yield memory function:this can help you caculate and improve working efficiency 
This machine is suitable for sealing glass or plastic dropper bottle,but it can not be used for sealing metal bottles.


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