ZONESUN DB-GD35 16-19mm Manual Buckle Free Steel Belt Strapping Machine Strapping Tensioner Tool For Wood Steel Packing Machine

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Suitable Strapping Material:Steel Belt
Steel Belt Width:16/19mm
Steel Belt Thickness:0.5-0.75mm
Max Tensioning Force:About 8000N
Machine Weight:4.5kg
Machine Dimension:33x40x10cm
1.This machine is in reasonable design,portable  and easy  to  operate. Small machine but can be used for packing large material.
2. The machine is adjustable according to the strap thickness,suitable for 0.5-0.75mm thickness steel belt.
3.The pressing depth of the joint is adjustable by adjusting rotary knob
4.The strapping width is adjustable,it is good for 16-19mm steel belt
5.The cutting knife is made of high quality alloy,which is durable,sharp and can help you improve working efficiency
6.With anti-skid gear,the machine will not slipping during working.
It is widely used for packing steel, textile, aluminum, logistics, chemical wood industries.

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