ZONESUN XQD-19 Free Shipping Pneumatic Strapping Tool PET/PLASTIC/PP Band Strapping Tool Machine

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1, Easy to use, light weight machine, pneumatic power design.
2, No fasteners, using friction heat welding, the interface appearance and reliable.
3, the high degree of automation, tight, controlled fusion crust strong.
4, large tightening force, the special structure design, easy steel, aluminum, heavy-duty packaging tighten and packaging.
5, machine durability, all of the body and components are made of high strength alloy materials, high-reliability design, advanced manufacturing technology.
6, patented design, the use of safe, non-fatigue design.

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  • Guarantee
  • 3 month guarantee to the easy worn out parts (we would send you video to show you how to repair and send you free parts with freight forward)
  • 1 year guarantee to the whole machine



Unlike alternative strapping products, our polyester combines the strength of steel strapping with the safety and economy of plastic to maximize performance. The result is a more secure load at a lower cost than many alternatives.




Polyester strap have been widely used in the package of steel, paper, lumber, tobacco, bricks, building materials, chemical fiber,cotton, metal products, and many other sectors.