ZONESUN Pneumatic Engraving Machine Double Ended Graver max Graver Tool Jewelry Engraver with 2 handpieces

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Power supply: AC 220V (110V option) 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 75W
Diameter (L x W x H): 260*210*250 (mm)
Packing size 315*270*250mm
Air pressure 0-3kg/cm*cm
Rotate speed 100~4000RPM
Weight 8kg
Voltage 220V, 50-60HZ
Accessories Handpieces 2PCS, Foot Control 1PC, Cable 1PC. 
1: size carved handle. Foot opening panel interface connector.
2: the air compressor trachea insert air intake on the back of the engraving machine, it is recommended that the installation of relief valves and water separation filter, air compressor and engraving machine pipeline to increase machine performance.
Methods of operation:
1: The first pressure adjustment knob and rotate the handle switch shut down to avoid the pressure too great damage to the pressure in the table and the pressure relief valve
2: power, turn on the power switch. (Light)
3: the position of the changeover switch is set to 1 or 2
4: adjust the air pressure and speed, hand carved handle by stepping foot switch to adjust the pressure knob slowly. Pressure gauge indicates of 1.5 ~ 2KG/CM2, adjust the speed knob at the same time, the combination of the two regulation carving handle the biggest impact, pressure adjustment knob is pressed.
5 the relaxing foot switch, carving the handle to stop working, as shown below loaded tool!
6: size carved handle switch, turn the the conversion handle set and 2 and 1osition (should go to bits)
7 rotary engraving handle work, turn off the power switch, open the rotating handle switch, adjust the pressure knob.
8 hours of work with the footswitch opening increases smooth small to large control impact
1 engraving machine used for a period of time, it should be the back of the machine reducing valve cups drained.
2 to mechanical oil adding an appropriate amount of the 10th size carved handle!
3 If the fault, not blindly demolished, the staff checks and maintenance.


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