ZONESUN ORT-200 Battery Powered Electric PP Pet Strap Band Packing Tool Electric Plastic Strapping Tool

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3 month guarantee to the easy worn out parts (we would send you video to show you how to repair and send you free parts with freight forward)

1 year guarantee to the whole machine


 Advantage of this Machine: 


Regardless of package, size, vertical or horizontal strapping:

Fully or semi-automatic tensioning, welding, and strap cutting-with only one push of a button


For multiple strapping or for the same types of goods:

Consistent strapping

Automatic strapping eliminate operator error

Strapping with PP strap or for fragile packages.

"Soft" mode



Energy-efficient strapping system

More cycles per battery charge Cost efficient

Service-friendly design

High quality.

We are at your service within 24 hours

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