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ZONESUN OR-T 250 Widely Used Battery Powered Plastic Packing Strapping Tool Machine

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Battery powered plastic strapping tool 
1) Widely used 
2) High tension, superior quality 
3) High strength 
4) Stable performan  

OR-T 250 Swiss Made Battery powered plastic strapping tool

1)The Orgapack OR-T 250 is now the most user friendly tool for plastic strapping that runs automatically, semi-automatically, manually or in soft corner mode for fragile loads. 

 2)Using a 14.4 volt Li-Ion Bosch battery, the OR-T 250 can complete up to 400 applications per full charge. This tool has a fully adjustable tensioning force of up to 560 pounds, and also has an adjustable strap width option.

3)Orgapack's OR-T 250 seals automatically or with the touch of a button using a friction weld seal.

Battery Charging Time: Approx. min. 15-30 minutes

Product show:

The OR-T 250 Includes 2 Lithium batteries (14.4 volt) and 1 charger. It also has a "soft" mode that makes it safe to strap small or fragile packages.




Technical data OR-T400 OR-T250
Weight(including battery) 4.2kg(9.3lbs) 3.9kg(8.36lbs)
Dimensions Length 334mm(13.1") 334mm(13.1")
                 Width 138mm(5.4") 138mm(5.4")
                 Height 148mm(5.8") 148mm(5.8")
Tensioning(press button) (0)1200-4000N (0)900-2500N
Tensioning speed (0)400-1600N (0)400-1500N
Welding efficiency
75%-85% 75%-85%
No of straps with one battery 180-300 200-400
Voltage Battery charger 100-230V 100-230V
            Battery 18V,2.6Ah 14.4V,2.6Ah
Battery charging time,approx.min. 15-30* 15-30*
Plastic strap    
Strap width adjustable    
Polypropylene(PP) 16-19mm(5/8-3/4") 12-16mm(5/8-3/4")
Polyester(PET) 16-19mm(5/8-3/4") 12-16mm(5/8-3/4")
Option   9-11mm(3/8-7/16")
strap thickness 0.8-1.3mm(.030-.051") 0.5-1.0mm(.019-.040")
After 15 minutes, approx. 75% charge capacity  



Polyester strap have been widely used in the package of steel, paper, lumber, tobacco, bricks, building materials, chemical fiber,cotton, metal products, and many other sectors.



Advantage of this Machine: 


Regardless of package, size, vertical or horizontal strapping:

Fully or semi-automatic tensioning, welding, and strap cutting-with only one push of a button


For multiple strapping or for the same types of goods:

Consistent strapping

Automatic strapping eliminate operator error

Strapping with PP strap or for fragile packages.

"Soft" mode


 Energy-efficient strapping system

 More cycles per battery charge Cost efficient

Service-friendly design

 High quality.

 We are at your service within 24 hours

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