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ZONESUN NEW 13" V350 Laminator Four Rollers Hot Roll Laminating Machine electronic temperature control single and sided a heating mode

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1. Four Rollers, Hot laminating
2. With single and double laminate function
3. Electronic temperature control, LED display
4. Wrinkle-free
5. Max thickness 5 mm
6. Mute designing
7. The rollers can be separation and reunion
8. One year warranty
Preheat time: 3min
Working speed: 110 cm/min, 5 pcs/min (A4 paper), 2.5 pcs/min (A3 paper)
Laminating size: Max. width 35 cm (13.5") (A3+ paper), Unlimited length
Voltage and Frequency: 220 V / 50 Hz  /110V/60HZ
(Select voltage 220V or 110V, we send the default voltage for your country)
Total power: 700 W
Average power consumption: 120 W
Temperature: 0~180°C, laminating use 100°C~140°C, plastic use 120°C~160°C
Laminating thickness: 80 g copy paper to 4mm thickness paper, PVC card, Laser transparent gum, ect.
Machine size: 53 cm x 21 cm x 22cm 
Weight: 8.5 kg
Packing includes
1 x laminating machine(Does not include pictures in of up and down laminating film)
1 x English manual
1 x power line
The main role of laminating machine
1: do the real surface waterproof
2: air oxidation, delay
3: the film covering the stain resistance, surface cleaning
4: prevent the printing surface scratch
5: improve the printing or photo texture, grade
6: to increase hardness
7: contract, archival film, prevent malicious modification
First, turn on the machine, this time, the bright red and green lights on the machine, the temperature to 0°c , according to the two volumes laminating film icon installed, the next following heal by laminating film roll, with a thick paper withstand the middle, press the key into the film, thick going through, press the stop button, and then feed station fixed. Then on top heal by laminating film roll with thick to withstand the middle, press the enter key film, thick press the stop button when going through, then down laminating film installation is complete. 
First switch to the plus hotkey temperature to 80 °c , then  turn green light   the off ,he local machine in a heated state , then can not be covered, when the green light is on until the temperature you need to position (100-140°c  As the case may be covered     ), can now begin a continuous film, the film left the last three when the temperature was adjusted back to 80 degrees, the use of sweltering film, before the end of the film and then into a thick, thick isolation to prevent the upper and lower rollers continued warmth melted laminating film, then press the stop button, the temperature to 0 degrees, turn off the power to allow the machine to cool naturally.
Hot laminating 
1. Power on and choose single or double laminating(The default is single laminating). Set the preheating temperature to 80 degrees Celsius and then machine begins.
2. The machine blows after three minutes and the preheating temperature is displayed on the digital panel. Prepare the information that need to laminate and set the preheating temperature 100-130 degrees Celsius. (It depends to the actual requirements). Press <go>, then information goes into the machines and the machine laminate continuously. 
Laminating adjustment: The first time you use this film, it should test the laminating first so as to get the best results. (The following are the solutions of the common problems)
Indistinct laminating:Increasing laminating temperature properly
Wrinkled laminating: Increasing the tension of wrinkled side of film roller (the tension of upper and lower films is evenly)
Curly laminating:the tension of upper and lower film are not consistent
                Upward curling: decrease the tension of upper shafts or increase the tension of lower shafts
                Downward curling: increase the tension of upper shafts or decrease the tension of lower shafts 
 After the confirmation of laminating test, user adjusts the positioner of the infeed table, according to the width of object that needed to laminate, in order to centre the object on the film. 
 Two or three papers are left. It should adjust to cold laminating when it comes to an end. Prepare a board paper before finished. (The kind of paper can be recycled. Or film in the upper and lower roller will be heating continuously. More than that, the film be out of shape and may result in trouble.) Press <stop> when the paper is out of machine. Laminating stops and power off after several minutes. 
Cold laminating
 Press <mode> and choose cold laminating. Install the cold film according to the ways that previous description. (the adhesive side should be back to the roller). Then it starts. 
When the near the end the film, plus a thick paper inside, this piece of paper can be reused, such as this piece of paper from the rear of the machine a little bit, (If you are not add paper between the upper and lower rubber roller sustained heat laminating film will melting in the rubber roller, cause the machine to malfunction) press the "STOP" key, the film finished, turn off the power.
we must note that the temperature should not exceed 160 degrees,
Temperature controller must be close to  top of the rubber roller, if the temperature controller to move the location, rubber roller  temperature cannot control , rubber roller heating will continue ,will produce cracks, damaged rubber roller.
Always check the position of the temperature controller whether tightly close below rubber roller, if loosen should be dealt with immediately, so as not to damage the rubber roller.




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