ZONESUN 50L wine distiller barware brewing machinery

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Taking into account the durability of the device, the cooling device is detachably & repairable.
This distillation equipment is all stainless steel. The material in cooler part in contact with the vapor is 304 stainless steel.
This product is made of stainless steel, according to the design of wine equipment in wine factory, combined with the split, independent airway, so the the steam rising higher purity, better quality wine, wine faster speeds of up wineries type equipment. Brewers is a multi-functional equipment in one set.
Applies to:
distilled liquor, distilled water, pure dew, brandy, bad shochu, medicinal plants refining.
All-stainless steel argon welding,No gluing and adhesive, No Soldering,No plastic, No copper, allows you to drink more at ease!
One style, the performance of the split, the latest upgrade version of the split household equipment, to provide a home-brewed platform for our drinking buddy.
Diameter 38 cm, high 40cm, about 50 liters capacity
Different measurements, allow for a margin of error.
Winemaking euipment thickness : 1.0mm, thick and durable
Need which kind, please leave a message or contact with us, do not specify a description, random delivery
Distillation 22 pounds to 23 pounds of wine (50 degree).
A few pounds can be distilled everyday, in a few dozen minutes
This winemaking is paragraph one combined split an upgraded version of the new equipment, there is a big difference with traditional vertebral top (day by pan).
About heating: cooker, gas stove, coal briquettes, firewood, etc. Anything which can be used for heating.
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