ZONESUN Home Distilled Water Machine,Distilled Water Equipment,Distilled Water Apparatus

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Product Description
Water distillation is the process of heating up water until it turns to steam and then recapturing the water as it condenses. The process kills off all the bacteria in the water and removes all the chemicals leaving you with 100% pure clean crystal clear drinking water. Whether you want to remove all the chemicals from your public water such as chlorine and fluoride or remove the bacteria and impurities from your private well, there is no better way to purify your water.

Automatic temperature thermostat control.
Automatically switches off when the process is finished.
All Stainless steel interior including upper dome where the steams rises and hits before entering the stainless steel condensing coils.
White enamel exterior to match your appliances, or for use in corrosive environments.
Activated carbon removes any unusual flavors.
Eliminates the need to buy plastic bottled water.
Comes with a 1 Gallon Polypropylene BPA-free plastic collection jug.
Full 1 year warranty

Separated with the electric motor,the pump is made of a variety of anti-corrosion imported material.There is no mechanical metal part or abrasion inside the pump.The pump can stand oil,heat,acid,alkali,abrasion and chemical products.This pump integrates the advantage of self-suck pump and chemical pump.It can self suck,heat protect,stable working