ZONESUN DZ-260 Table-style Vacuum packing machine,stainless steel body high quality vacuum sealing machine

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About machine
DZ Series is our most strength equipment, its quality is very good, and stable
This machine takes plexiglass as cover to ensure you can see the whole vacuum process.
This machine can be applied to anywhere to do vacuum pack, application includes but not just like food, electronics, steel works, PCB and other component.
Product packed by this machine can get a longer storage time, foods can extent 18month generally. 
Technique parameters
Voltage: 110/220V, /60HZ, 50US/EU, and any other kinds plug
Power: 180W/370W (peak: 700W)
Vacuum capacity: 3L/S
Inner air pressure: 1Kpa
Vacuum house dimension: 390*285*80mm
Machine dimension: 560*400*420mm
GW: 34KG (Including package)
English controller panel
Stronger air pump, can reach -0.1Mpa
How operate?
1, Take out the machine, and place to a transparent area.
2, Open the machine and clear, check the heating device which should be in proper place and hook up like below picture
3, Plug in the power source, open the power
4, Press the "SET" button to shift the setting items, press once the vacuum indicator will light up, press the "Increase" or "Reduce" button to change the vacuum time value, then press "SET" button again to set the sealing time, and then the cooling time in the same way.
5, Press "SET" button again after step 4, you will see the display tells "End", which means setting is end, you can go for work now, but if you want to change the sealing temperature you may need to press the Sealing temperature Button to shift the temp which can be Low, Middle, and High before working.
6, After finishing setting, you can load the package to the machine, open the cover, and place the bags open side to the heating device, then lock it with the locking strip.
7, Close the cover, the cover will touch the Chain switch to start work. (First time it maybe little hard to you, please don"t give up, try more time you will get used to it and work well)
8, Take out the package


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