ZONESUN Brass letter,CNC engraving mold,hot foil stamp,number,alphabet mold,symbol customized font

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Standar letters in "Microsoft elegant black" (in stock for sale)

 1) Alphabet:

upper case height 6mm (default)  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

lower case height 4.5mm   abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

ABCD...XYZ/   26 alphabet (upper case and lower case, total 52pcs)

2) Number: letters height in 6mm  

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   0-9 numbers (10pcs)

3) Symbol: letters height in 6mm

@ # $ & * ( ) - _ + = /. , ; " " : ? !   symbols in (20pcs)

4)Single line letters holder groove length 100mm,15mm thickness

5)If you want to customize the font or height,pls contact us.

Full set includes:

52 letters+10 numbers +20 symbols=82pcs

single holder (length 100mm)1pcs

 Buyers notice: 

 1.Standard set is single line holder. If you want the double line holder or three line holder, please contact us.

2.Mold are customization products, please contact us for confirming the design and size.

    Mold plate thickness: Standard 8 mm

    Engraving deep: Standard 2.5-3.0mm(3-5mm as customers request)

    Document version: CDR/AI/EPS/PSD/High quality JPG

    We need 1-3days for making the mold

3.This type can only hold 9 pieces of letter stamps(6mm height),if you need to make a letter stamp which are higher than 8mm,and need to put many letter stamps at the same time ,we recommend this type,please click here

If you don't contact us and order directlly, we will delivery BLANK mold in 30mm(Length)*30mm(Width)*8mm(Thickness) with screw.


This products will be shipped out by regular shipping,delivery time is 15-45 business days.If you need to upgrade shipping method,please contact us.


Embossed leather, wood products, handicrafts, handbags purses, sticker, stationery, footwear mark,plastic packaging, leather embossed branding, car seats, mobile phone sets, paper invitations, cards, notes, furniture, branding, gilt frames plastic stamping etc. 




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