ZONESUN DD19 Heavy Duty Battery Strapping Tool for PET & PP Strapping Band 3/4''-1.0'' Wholesale and Retail

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DD19 Heavy Duty Battery Strapping Tool for PET & PP Strapping 3/4''-1.0'' Wholesale and Retail



Model: DD19

Length: 325mm

Width: 120mm




Packaging strip material

Strip quality:flat or embossed PET or PP strip

Packaging strip dimensions: 13,16,19mm (you can set any of them as you want) /thickness 0.4-1.10

Please use packaging strip with proper dimensions according to the packaging machine you buy.


Packaging strip strength

Tensioning force:adjustable within 650-4000N

Maximum value depends on strip quality.

Tensioning speed: 150-200mm/s

Bonding strength: approximate75% of plastic steel strip strength(depending on plastic steel strip quality)


Operation temperature 

Ambient temperature is within 5-45degree

Optimum operation temperature is within 15-20degree


Packing list

Strapping machine:1PCS

Power adapter for battery: 1PCS

Rechargable battery: 2PCS , 14.4V, 3.2A 

Note this package is for battery style, it comes without external connector for DC power!






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