ZONESUN V2 key fob vest shape key cover leather cutting die Japan steel Blade cutter mold DIY laser knife die cutting machine

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This item is a cutting die of a key cover which is made in vest shape.You can buy this cutting die and make a key cover for you girlfriend or friends.
Japanese steel,durable and sharp
Size of cutting die:
115x75mm 120x110mm
Hole   size of cutting die:
Diameter 3mm
A.Use the die-cutting machine(click the first image to buy it if you need it)
1.Put your stuff on the cutting die,and put them on the nylon pad together
2.Use the wrench to adjust the screws,make the height suitable for the cutting die
3.Put the things under the pressing plate together
4.Press the handle of the machine
5.Adjust the angle of the cutting die,and press it again,mae sure that you use your power equality.
B.Use the nylon stick to hit the cutting die
1.put your leather under the cutting die
2.Use nylon stick and hit it along the blade of the cutting die
custom cutting die is available,you can send us your logo design and size,the price of "custom die"is not the real  price,please contact us to confirm price.


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