ZONESUN Free shipping 16mm Bolt size Pneumatic impact Wrench, Air Tools,Spanners for Car Bicycle Repair Pneumatic Tools

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Product parameters

Square head size: 1/2 '
Inlet connection: 1/4 PT
Trachea Size: 3/8 ID
Air consumption: 12 M3 / H
Bolt size: 16mm
Working pressure: 0.63-1.4 MPa
Maximum torque: 680-900 NM
Free speed: 7000 RPM
Net weight: 2.7kg
● double hammer blow structure, large torque.
● hit the shaft and hit the block all the use of high-quality alloy structural steel, quenched, especially strong wear;
● increase the cylinder, the motor output power greater;
● 6 speed is the third gear anti-third gear, easy to work;
● The use of industrial bearings, high precision, long life;
● power output stable and smooth;
● after the use of the next exhaust structure, health and environmental protection;
● Simple structure and easy maintenance.


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