ZONESUN A333 Wholesale Portable Handheld Sealless Stainless Steel Strapping Tool Steel Band Packing Tool

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 A333 Hand Held steel strapping tool steel band packing tool steel strip strapping tool wholesale


A333 fitted with a specially machined feed wheel and gripper and is therefore suitable for use with high tensile steel strapping bands. Also available with the torque wrench tensioning system (TW model). 


Steel band width 13-19mm(See chart of types
Steel strip thickness 0.38-0.58mm/ 0.015 "to 0.023"
Strengths Range 700-850N/mm2
Packaging Capacity 100 (package/hour)
Packing Type Box, Pipe, Cans, Boxes, Barrels, Cans
Maximum Package Force 3000 (N)
Overall size 387 x 162 x 308mm
Package Weight 4kg




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