ZONESUN LT-50 Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine For Food Cans Beverage

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Model: LT-50 & LT-50T
Labeling speed: 20-40pcs/min
Diameter of bottle: Φ15-150mm
Min. label size: Width 26mm* Length 25mm
Max. Label size: Width 150mm* Length 450mm
Outside diameter of label roll(max): Φ275mm
Inside diameter of label roll: Φ75mm
Accuracy of labeling: ±0.5mm
Voltage/ Frequency: 110/220V,50/60Hz,100W
1.These two machine are designed for labeling on round bottle surface,LT-50 can not be used with transparent label,but LT-50T can be used with it,please choose the right machine.
2.We also have the labeling machine which are designed for labeling on flattened surface,click here to buy
3.Some labeling can also print the date,if you need it,you can click here


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