Household Stainless Steel Home Wine Brewing Device 50LAlcohol Distiller +11 Gifts

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Multifunction! Household Stainless Steel Home Wine Brewing Device 50LAlcohol Distiller/Distillation English Manual+11 Gifts



DIY Wine ! So Easy to Drink Brandy by your hand!
One style, the performance of the split, the latest upgrade version of the split household equipment, to provide a home-brewed platform for our drinking buddy.
Normally we send the wine making materials and use manual by email. If you need them , please leave me your email address when order. 
Product Description


Capacity: 50L                      More distillation equipment, please click on this link.  18L,30L,70L
Applies to: distilled liquor, distilled water, pure dew, brandy, bad shochu, medicinal plants refining.
Heating: cooker, gas stove, coal briquettes, firewood, etc. Anything which can be used for heating.
Material: the pot and lid using 301 stainless steel, stainless steel welding are argon welding. 304 welding wire. All of the quick connector are 304, bellows 304, shunt tube 304.
 All-stainless steel argon welding,No gluing and adhesive, No Soldering, No plastic, No copper, allows you to drink more at ease!
  About removal of impurities:
The first principle of removal of impurities: usually the first level of impurities are highly volatile substances, which means that in the gaseous state, is always higher than that of alcohol, the use of this feature, add a gas chamber, when steam enters, the steam automatic separation , the highest volatility, for example: acetaldehyde. Methanol and other harmful substances will gather in gas chamber at the very top, the highest volatility further separated into the collection tube, open the exhaust valve can be ruled out.
 Impurities from the last principle: End level impurities are high boiling substances (boiling point higher than 100 degrees or more) when the drinks flow of steam into the gas chamber be buffered, while the temperature has dropped, high boiling substances and water vapor condenses into water from the reservoir bottom discharge valve chamber, including most of the rest of the wine into the cooling chamber vapor will condense into wine flow. So we will find at the bottom of distilled liquor valves constantly drops out of high boiling substances.
Improve wine purity function: steaming wine when we will find gas chamber at the bottom of the valve constantly, like drops of water as infusion, we can taste with traces alcohol will find under the water, so this device is put on the wine room with gas purity the functionality.
Winemaking is very simple.
Only two steps:
1.Fermentation 2.Distillation
The specific operation steps in the user manual sent with the goods.We will teach you to make good wine by yourself even if you completely don’t know about wine before.



Product Overviews



This product is made of stainless steel, according to the design of wine equipment in wine factory, combined with the split, independent airway, so the the steam rising higher purity, better quality wine, wine faster speeds of up wineries type equipment. Brewers is a multi-functional equipment in one set.




Applies to: distilled liquor, distilled water, pure dew, brandy, bad shochu, medicinal plants refining etc





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