ZONESUN Automatic Desktop Bottle Capping Machine For Spray Bottles

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This desktop automatic capping machine can work with our desktop filling machine,labeling machine and become the production line.Spent less money but get powerful machine like the full automatic machine,this one can cap about 40 bottles/min.Ensure the high working efficiency and save working space.


Bottle height:60-270mm
Bottle caps diameter:18-70mm
Working speed:20-40 bottles/minute(depending on bottle and caps)
Working voltage:AC220V/110V 50-60HZ
Working pressure:0.4-0.6 MPa
Machine size:1120*580*1110mm
Package size:1160*610*1140mm
Package weight:About 97.5kg
Conveyor length:1117mm
Size of air compressor connector:OD 8mm


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