Bronzing process is a special printing process without ink

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Bronzing process is a special printing process without ink, the so-called bronzing is a certain temperature and pressure will be electro-stamping foil to the surface of the substrate process, bronzing machine is to complete the hot stamping process equipment

Bronzing refers to a certain temperature and pressure will be stamping foil to the substrate surface of the process.
 Hot Stamping graphic showing a strong metallic luster, colorful eye-catching, never fade. In particular, gold and silver, with its magnificent, exquisite and elegant decorations dotted the surface of printed materials, enhance the artistry of printed materials, played a prominent theme of the publicity effect; its brightness significantly more than India and India Yin Yin, With a high-end feel and gives the United States to enjoy. At the same time as the electro chemical aluminum has excellent physical and chemical properties, played a role in the protection of printed materials, so bronzing process is widely used in high-grade, exquisite packaging and decoration trademarks, calendars and printed cover books and other publications; From the paper to the leather, cotton, etc .; Furthermore, the bronzing is a dry processing methods, the work piece can be immediately after the gold foil packaging, transportation, and so on. . Therefore, bronzing technology is widely used, hot stamping of the scope of application is also expanding.

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